How to Catch a Cheating Woman – 9 Signs

First of all, cheating completely depends on the character. Even if you are the most loser man in the world, a woman of her words will not cheat you. On the other hand, even if you are a very attractive and charismatic man, you can still be cheated. Some women turn on by treachery. Some women cannot be satisfied with any man in the long run, and they look for the next man secretly in order not to be alone until their search is over.

As you may know, cheating does not have to be as physical. The woman who loses her passion for you can meet her emotional needs even with a man far away. True story. The bed is always the biggest indicator for you about her passion.

Gradually decreased passion

Nothing gives more insight into the direction of your relationship than the bed. It is important what she do to satisfy you. The most important thing is that who usually starts sex. If you are the one who had sex starter more and more, it means passion is decreasing. Since you started to behave like you are not THE MAN, Her sexual interest in you may have decreased. In this case, the probability of being deceived increases, but if you are already a sex starter always, then this relationship completely sucks and you should run away urgently.

She wants to know where you are all the time

She constantly calls you and asks where you are. There may be several reasons for this. If she has a jealous character with her man or you are a little bit casanova before her don’t worry when it happens. But another possibility maybe she cheating you. She always wants to know where you are and your plans because it minimizes the chance of an encounter with you. If you’re not always good with women before her and your girlfriend isn’t too jealous, I suggest you think about the third possibility. Of course, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Her relationship with her phone gets strange

She may change her phone lock and generally keeps silent mode. She doesn’t leave her phone around and even secretly checks her phone while you are away. She puts it in a secret place when she taking the shower. She doesn’t text with someone when you watching her. When you want to control her phone, she gets angry and doesn’t want to show it. What would you do if something like this happened to you and there was nothing you need to hide? Of course, you would be very comfortable and open. Women are more comfortable than men in this way of being under control. If she is so sensitive, it is suspicious.

She begins to be overly busy

She may start to spend a lot of time with her friends or meet with new people she does not know and expand her social circle. She may have to study or stay at work till late hours. Or maybe she may have to go on business trips. Such behavior is only suspicious if the passion and affinity between you are reduced.

Suddenly her appearance changes

She is normally someone who does not care too much about her appearance very much but suddenly she begins to buy new clothes. She cares about her hair care regularly and she often does makeup. She tries new perfumes and goes to the gym. This means that she may be trying to get the attention of someone new. However, if she has already told you that she wants to change herself before and if it is not a sudden change, it is not that suspicious.

She doesn’t want to plan about the future

One of the most prominent features of women is that they like to make long-term plans. If she avoids making long-term plans with you, she may be another man in her life. Or simply it is just a sign that your relationship has not deepened yet.

Emotionally and physically moves away from you

Moving away emotionally, being indifferent, or aggressive is a very important sign. Libido decreases over time. Dopamine levels of mice mating with each other in the same cage for a long time decrease. Libido constantly feeds on novelty for every species. However, even if libido is reduced, it does not cause emotional distance and indifference unless there is someone else in her life. If these are present, it is a suspicious situation.

She begins lying

If a woman needs to lie to her boyfriend, there should be something she must hide or go wrong. If you often have the feeling that she is lying or you already have caught any of her lies about things which seem like not important, she may be planning to cheat you or may have already begun to cheating you.

Trust your feelings. Your consciousness can reach a very small part of the data entering your brain. Because you are not able to focus on everything. However, your subconscious has been selected for millions of years according to the features that keep you alive and increase your chances of reproduction. Therefore, your subconscious can analyze events very quickly without requiring focus unlike your consciousness. If your inner voice is suspicious about her, it may be right.

She tells you she is unhappy

She may say, “I am afraid you will leave me” or “I am afraid you will cheat on me.” It is a mysterious and stereotypical thing that happened to most men who were cheated by his lover. And she may try to get your opinion on cheating.

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  1. I think you should focus on to be aware of her feelings instead of if she cheated on you or not.

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