7 Things You Need to Make a Woman Constantly Think of You

What do women really want? What seduces them? What are they looking for? Women are quite unpredictable creatures. They are similar to cats in many ways. According to the black pill community, women choose the person they like, and the rest of the men have nothing to do. So is it really so?

If you know what women really want and desire, you can make the woman you like think of you all the time, fall in love with you, and get close to you sexually.

1. Women Want Men Like Men

If you were to think of this life as a computer game, evolution is the only mechanism that can tell us the purpose of this game. Evolutionarily, every living thing’s task is to survive to reproduce. The ultimate goal is reproduction. Almost every feature we carry in our genome has been selected through this filter. We are RPG characters who came to this world to play male and female roles. A woman lives her nature. No matter how much she contradicts her logic, the woman wants whatever her instincts tell her. The nature of women wants men like men.

So who is a man like a man? He is the one who has masculine energy. The man with the masculine energy is free-spirited, has a purpose in life. Feminine energy focuses on relationships, family, and motherhood. But in recent years, the changing society imposes the man’s feminine behavior and focus on the relationship. But the nature of the women does not respond to this dynamic. Women find masculine energy attractive. If you suppress masculine energy and act with feminine energy, if you persistently want and focus on the relationship, you will cause women to run away from you.

Why women do not want good, smart, and nice guys. Because these men are full of feminine energy. Good guys constantly try to get women by being kind. Good guys are not authentic. They are kind to get what they want. They show themselves kind and romantic. In this way, they think they can achieve love and sexuality. Women feel that this behavior is not natural.

Of course, you don’t have to be a bad boy. But you shouldn’t hide your thoughts and desires. I’m not talking about verbally expressing your feelings. This is something you should never do. By explaining your feelings to the woman, you leave the leadership to her. So you will have killed all the mystery and charm between you. Instead of that you should convey your desires non-verbally.

2. Women Love Difficult Men

Women want to win the man. They do not want to willing men who make everything easier. It is another reason for good guys to fail with women. Of course, if you ask the women, they say they like the gentle and interested men who make everything easier. Women have gotten used to lying because of the cultural pressure they faced since childhood. Often they are not even aware that they are lying. Women love to mix romance and facts. They speak according to the romance of their dreams but act according to their impulses. If you become an easy man, you will always lose in the long run.

Most men rush to get the woman they like and become easy men. It is scientifically proven that eager men are much less attractive. Women want to win you. If you are always available and willing to meet and message him, she will not respect you, she will not love you or she will stop loving you. A difficult man excites women and lays the foundation of the attraction that turns into love.

3. Women Want Mystery

They want to think about you and wonder what you are doing. Stop talking about your emotions. If you want to talk about your feelings, talk to your friends. It may sound silly, but it will help you a lot with women. Some men want to prevent the loss of interest of women by saying their feelings. Whereas women should wonder what you think. That woman should wonder how much you like her. This sense of curiosity turns into other strong feelings in time. Leave something for him to wonder. Don’t ruin the love story she desires.

4. Women Want Love

Love attracts everyone. Especially women. However, if you show a woman your love very quickly, she will not know its value. She will see this as something ordinary. There is a very important condition for a woman to fall in love with you. If you constantly want him to think of you, you have to create attraction first. First comes attraction, then love. They are different emotions. So how is the attraction created and enlarged? The attraction between you must be fed with excitement, tension, distance, uncertainty, and anxiety. These are emotions that we do not like, but they are essential for attraction.

Love is a warm and safe feeling. Love makes you trust that person and feel comfortable with him. As a man, your job is to deal with attraction. If you form the attraction and keep it stay, the woman takes care of love and helps the relationship to nourish and grow. If you act masculine, give him some distance, and not act needy or like a relationship enthusiast, you can create the best possible attraction. If you focus on freedom rather than a relationship, it transforms your character. Thus you can be a solid and principled man wanted by women. Women want love but with only a true man.

5. Women Want to Tame The Bad Boy

Women want confident men and confident men follow their desires always fearlessly. And that’s one of the reasons why bad boys attractive. They do whatever they want indifferently to society. If you look at heroes of women in movies, none of them are shy, feminine or weak. They are dangerous, confident, masculine, exciting, and tough. This is completely associated with the instinct of taming the bad boy.

It doesn’t mean that women want to be with evil men. It just means that she wants a man can be wild and unpredictable from time to time. It is so important to be unpredictable in some situations.

6. Women Want to Win That Man

Whenever you ask to a woman, she will tell you that the man should win the woman. According to women, the prince must always win the princess. But the truth is different from these fairy tales. It has been revealed in scientific studies that women generally start to get closer. However, women do this quite implicitly. Men often don’t even notice that women are flirting. If a woman likes you, she will surely put herself in front of you. But they don’t want to make the first move.

The man who makes the first move should retract at some point. If he does not do this at all and progresses until the woman stops him, the male will quickly lose his charm.

7. Women Want Precious Man

Worthless men are vulnerable, open to manipulation, weak, needy, relationship-lover, not ambitious, and not has a mission in life. Why rich men are so attractive? In fact, what is attractive is not the money but the ability to make money. Most of the men who have reached the money with their own efforts are self-confident, ambitious, willed, disciplined men. Your job is to increase your value. The woman’s job is to realize your value. Women easily distinguish the precious man from the worthless one.

Women are can be creatures that act with their feelings, but as you can see, there are millions of years of wisdom behind these instincts. Evolution has equipped women with tend to choose men with the most efficient survival skills. Women’s choices may contradict their own happiness, but they often make the best choice for the child to be born. Of course, because of monogamy, the men they can obtain often differ from those they want. However, men with these 7 characteristics can easily be that man for most women.

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  1. I think women love man have narcissistic and sociopathic traits.

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