The Biggest Mistake: Chasing That Very Special Woman

Searching for that special woman is a useless effort since all women have the same core operating system. Even if there is a special woman outside for you, she probably won’t love you the way you think. Women do not fall in love the way men think, they just admire. This admiration is mostly felt for the quality of the genes that may be conveyed to the child to be born. Women are not able to love men the way men need. Because the capacity of women to love is reserved for their children.

Female Utilitarianism

Both men and women aspire a love, based on devotion and loyalty. However, while women’s expectations of love are very realistic, men have a false expectation taught to them by their mothers. Men expect a love similar to what their mothers gave them. They think that women have a great capacity for love because of their mothers.

Women are totally dependent on conditions when choosing their sexual partners, and they have a diminishing love if these conditions change. However, the mother teaches her boy that if he will be a good man, the woman he likes will love him. If the man who believes in this lie is lucky enough, someone breaks his heart as soon as possible and he searches for the truth. Unfortunately, unconditional loyalty in maternal love cannot be between two people who come together to mate.

Men and women love different. Men love altruistically because women who choose this feature in men have had the opportunity to breed more and more throughout history. Women always tend to think about themselves because it is the woman who carries the child for 9 months. The devoted love of a woman is evolutionarily dysfunctional because the woman carries the child.

Women who took advantage of the love of men in the best way had more opportunities to reproduce throughout history. By transferring their genes more than non-utilitarian women, they made new female sapiens with the “XX” chromosome similarly to themselves. If a man believes that a woman can love as much as himself, his fate will be disappointing.

Soul Mate Quest

Some men assume that a woman who broke up with him is “special” for some reason. A man with high self-esteem will never do this. They don’t waste their energy, time, and emotions on an uninterested woman. In fact, this is an indication when you have a feminine brain as well as low self-esteem.

When you meet a beautiful woman, after a while you start to see her as a fallen angel. That’s why when you have a few things in common with the beautiful woman you flirt with, you think she could be the one. There are many reasons for this. Because of the halo effect we all tend to believe that beautiful people have better personalities. But what the men experience when it comes to relationships is a little more than that.

The reason for this admiration situation is that the man positioned the woman above himself and the feminine mentality he has. He is a man in appearance, but that doesn’t mean he is male-brained. He has a very reactive mood in general. But the truth is regardless of her beauty and character, there are hundreds of thousands of women who are more beautiful and qualified than her.

As a result of love hormones released by admiration for the beauty, men have extremely false beliefs about the woman they like. They put women at the center of their lives and reset their own values.

A woman can smell it easily and when she realizes that you have fallen into her, she turns-off from you. As soon as a woman feels that she can have a 100% relationship with the man, her attraction to that man begins to decrease. Investing emotionally in women while there is no relationship yet is the behavior of men with low value. When it happens, every woman unconsciously turns-off from the man.

A high-value man knows that the relationship means giving up hundreds of thousands of other women. That’s why he is not willing to a relationship. He tests the woman and he will be open to the relationship only under certain conditions and enough time passes. For a man who believes in his own value, it is not enough for a woman to ask for a relationship. On the other hand, he never ever spends time on an uninterested woman.

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