Nowadays we spend very little time on what we do now with a focused mind. We are all distracted because of content shelling coming from the internet. Often a large part of our life is spent remembering the past and thinking about what we will do in the future. MeditationContinue Reading

You are someone who wants to help the people around you. But do you think that you somehow do not get the respect you deserve? It is one of the biggest problems that polite people experience. Today, kindness is seen as a weakness. There are some things you need toContinue Reading

Searching for that special woman is a useless effort since all women have the same core operating system. Even if there is a special woman outside for you, she probably won’t love you the way you think. Women do not fall in love the way men think, they just admire.Continue Reading

First of all, cheating completely depends on the character. Even if you are the most loser man in the world, a woman of her words will not cheat you. On the other hand, even if you are a very attractive and charismatic man, you can still be cheated. Some womenContinue Reading

I had a friend who said, “I prefer to die rather than to be rejected by a woman.” He could not be called bad with women. Because he had no relationship with women. What I observe in common about all men who have a very high fear of rejection isContinue Reading

What do women really want? What seduces them? What are they looking for? Women are quite unpredictable creatures. They are similar to cats in many ways. According to the black pill community, women choose the person they like, and the rest of the men have nothing to do. So isContinue Reading